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Sunday, July 25, 2004
  Long Time No Post. One month to be exact. This is just a quick update. I haven't blogged in large part because I've been working hard on two primary campaigns:
Carol Jean Mays for Missouri State Senate 11th District. Carol Jean, a term limited 7-time-electee House Rep is running the good race against Victor Callahan, who maneuvered into the Senate when Senator Ronnie DePasco died suddenly mid-term. In his one and only session, Callahan voted with the Republican majority 504 out of 536 votes. As the Kansas City Star quoted me yesterday, if voters (who have sent a Democrat to represent them since at least WWII) send Callahan back to the Senate, they are helping advance the Republican agenda to reduce funding for public education, strip environmental protections in favor of industrial development at the expense of clean air and water, reduce the number of poor eligible for health benefits, and more. Go Carol Jean!
Vicki Walker for Missouri State Representative, 50th District (incumbent). Progressive, smart, hard working, involved with the community, dedicated to economic development through excellent public education, endorsed by Howard Dean, teachers, labor, Kansas City Star, local leaders, women's organizations, et. al., and utterly devoted to causes for working people. How can she lose? Freedom Inc., a KC-based group dedicated to electing African Americans, has targeted her district despite her perfect record of voting and working for the people in the district. We'll see whether they have the clout on August 3rd.
It all comes to an end on August 3rd. Until then, I have but one update: The State Dept. issued an updated annual global terrorism report after various groups complained that the first report was bullshit.

"If you have been framed, the only response is to reframe. But you can't do it in a sound bite unless an appropriate progressive language has been built up in advance. Conservatives have worked for decades and spent billions on their think tanks to establish their frames."--George Lakoff, Professor of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley

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